Armed Security Guards in Newton, MA

Today businesses need to be prepared for a wide array of security and safety concerns. No matter what kind of problem arises – at any time of day – Boston Security can provide you with the reassurance that your establishment is protected.

Boston Security provides a variety of customized security solutions for Newton businesses. The armed guards can be either uniformed commercial security guards who maintain a post or roam an area, or plainclothes guards in business attire. We also provide special police officers, certified under rule 400.

Your business, property, and people (customers and employees) can be protected for a variety of needs. Our armed security guards are trained, licensed, bonded, and insured. Among the types of businesses for which we provide armed guards, are financial institutions and medical clinics. Our goal is to protect your business or property 24 hours a day.

Under most circumstances, armed security guards are only employed where items of substantial value must be protected. This includes cash, jewelry, antiques, works-of-art, valuable documents, rare books or high-profile persons. They do more than just guard. Armed security guard services also include escorting funds to banks and other financial institutions, escorting cash and other valuables from one place to another within a facility such as a casino and physically ascertaining that protective systems such as safes and alarm systems are active. Armed Guards can also be deployed to office buildings, museums, places of worship, apartment complexes, airports, banks, ATMs, employee terminations, hospitals, and government facilities.

We provide Armed Security Guards in Newton!

Boston Security provides businesses, managers, venues, event promoters, and private customers with professional, proactive, protection with Armed Security Guards in Newton, MA.  The crime rate keeps rising in the world and there is a greater need for security now more then there ever was.  We will address all of your security concerns with a customized security plan designed by our field security specialists that utilize the most up to date techniques, technologies and equipment to secure your property, assets, and people.  Our guards are fully licensed, insured, bonded, and trained to react at a moments notice to any situation that may occur. Boston Security provides innovate security solutions in Newton, MA such as: